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Florrance Reynolds
24 November
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Name: Florrance Reynolds
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Profession: Pokemon Nurse/Breeder
PB: Euphemia from Code Geass

Notable Possessions: Her nurse ID, maybe her uniform and cap. She'd also have any certifications she'd need to be a trainer/breeder.
Badges Collected: None.
Favourite Pokemon: She likes water Pokemon like Milotic and Lapras because they're so beautiful.

Appearance: A fair skinned girl of average height with long pink hair that she usually ties up into buns at the sides of her head when she's at work. She has large inquisitive violet eyes and almost always is wearing nursing scrubs and a hat. If she's in normal clothes, they're usually casual like khakis or jeans and matching shirts. She doesn't really dress up unless she has to, and mainly goes for comfort.
Personality: Florrance is very into learning and experiencing new things. She's always moving, she's always doing something, be it calling out orders for her Pokemon or wanting to get her hands in and rescue others. She's very gung ho and rather energetic, having just graduated and set on making as much of a difference as she can. Too young to have a specialty, she's intent on learning as much as she can.

Personally, Florrance is rather bubbly and approachable. She's rarely without a smile, and she's always willing to answer questions. She does have her moments of serious though, and if she's actually made angry.. well.. even someone as calm and patient as she is can have a temper.

Some might say she's even naive, but that wouldn't be true. While she tends to focus on smaller details and overlook bigger ones, she's far from stupid. She gets easily angered if people try to take advantage of or talk down to her just because she's a woman. She isn't afraid to speak up or speak her mind.

Especially against those who abuse or mistreat Pokemon.

Hometown: Sienna. She's always lived there, and she's helped out at the Pokemon Daycare during her schooling for experience.
History: The first born child to Autumn and Malcolm Reynolds, she was found to be very energetic. She loved coloring, loved playing outside, even loved Pokemon: even bug Pokemon were ones she enjoyed playing with. Her parents hoped she'd be a trainer, but when her caring personality began to shine through, they began nudging her to be a Pokemon nurse. Not necessarily forcing her but encouraging, as she definitely had the desire and the drive. It was rough, as school required a lot to study, but she dedicated enough time to it and studied hard.

Extra: She knows a lot about Pokemon and medical things and vitamins and stuff.